Become a Partner

Our Partnership Program enables U.S. partners working in hospice and palliative care to engage with sister organizations in low-resource settings. Global Partners in Care is committed to helping build strong, sustainable partnerships.

Global Partners in Care will make every effort to partner organizations appropriately and as quickly as possible. Once we receive your complete application, we will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps.

There will be two application cycles each year:

  1. Cycle 1:
    1. Applications open – April 1st
    2. Deadline for submission – June 30th
  2. Cycle 2:
    1. Applications open – October 1st
    2. Deadline for submission – December 31st

Applications submitted after June 30th or December 31st will be rolled over to the next cycle. It is possible that applications that come in before the deadline will be considered and partnered out of cycle.


  • Completed application form
  • International applicants must include a letter of support for their application (preferably from the national organization or regional organization). At a minimum, the letter of support should include:
    • any interactions with your organization
    • organization's standing with national association
    • any comment on the type of care / quality of work of the organization
  • U.S. applicants must include a:
    • letter of support from their CEO
    • board resolution in support of entering into a partnership.
    Templates of these documents are available upon request
Partnership framework:
Levels of Partnership Table, Download PDF for more information

Download PDF