Donor Appreciation

Global Partners in Care very much appreciates the support of our corporate partners. Our work has been enhanced by the generosity of the following organizations: 
Transcend Marketing:  Transcend Marketing is a Hospice Marketing Group based in Holland, Ohio that is completely dedicated to the many facets of hospice marketing. Transcend staff helped us with our efforts to evolve from FHSSA, focused solely in Africa, to become Global Partners in Care, with a broader international focus. Read more information at:
Pixel Dust Studios: Pixel Dust Studios provided pro bono services to Global Partners in Care to help us create a video.  From its facilities in Washington, DC and New York City, Pixel Dust Studios creates innovative animations and motion graphics for major network clients including Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Discovery Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. The company has also worked with many corporations, museums, charities, and the U.S. Government. 
Watch the video: