Partner Toolkit

Through our mission to build partnerships to improve access to hospice and palliative care globally, Global Partners in Care provides U.S. and international partners a “Toolkit” of practical strategies and resources.

Though each partnership is unique and is defined by the strengths of the participating programs, the steps to creating a fulfilling partnership tend to follow a similar process. Each of these steps is described in our Toolkit which is linked below. Also, download the complete Partner Toolkit here

1. Cultivate Relationships
2. Engage Staff and Volunteers
3. Establish a Steering Committee
4. Create a Strategic Plan
5. Implement Activities
6. Reach Out to your Community
7. Raise Funds
8. Donate/Wire Funds
9. Track and Share Your Success
10. Stay Connected
Partner Resources


While our original intent was for the U.S. hospice to help the developing country Partner, we’ve found that both Partners benefit deeply from the partnership.

Enhance Global Perspective
Improve Program Activities
Boost Staff Morale
Increase Financial Support