Global Partnership Award

The Global Partnership Award is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding efforts of a US Partner that went above and beyond the expectations of a partnership. The award winner is selected annually based on creativity in fundraising, partner collaboration, staff contribution and commitment, and community outreach and involvement. The award comes with a $500 donation to the African hospice partner and the winner is recognized at NHPCO’s annual Management and Leadership Conference. 

Applications for the Global Partnership Award are sent to all US Partners annually, inviting each to nominate themselves and their international partner for the work that they accomplished in the preceding year. Each application is reviewed by a committee consisting of Global Partners in Care staff, members of the Global Partners in Care committee and foundation board, and representation from international hospice and palliative care associations.    


“The winners of the Global Partnership Award have shown what a tremendous impact one partnership can have. The creativity and commitment the Partnerships have made will have a lasting effect on the patients and families in developing countries needing palliative care and also to the dedicated health care workers who work tirelessly with limited resources to provide that care.”

- Mark Murray, President/CEO, Global Partners in Care.

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